9th International Conference on Cochlear Implants
14th - 17th june 2006
Hofburg Emperor Palace, Vienna
Presenters Information
Speakers Information
Please bring your presentation on USB-stick or CD.
Mac-user please use your own notebook.
35mm slide projection and overhead projection will NOT be available!
The lecture rooms will be equipped with Windows-PC (XP / Office 2003). On the speakers desk you will find a push button to advance your slides / animations.
It is essential that you load and view your presentation in the preview room at least two hours before the start of your presentation to check the compatibility. For morning sessions please bring your presentation the day before.
For videos it is important that you use only Codecs (WMV, AVI, DivX) that are running in Power Point (avoid MPEG-2). Please check it on a separate PC (not on the PC you encoded it).
The preview room is located on the ground floor - Erzherzog Karl Saal.
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